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Jose “Andy” Chavez

03/02/1988 to 03/09/2014

Rest in Peace Officer Andy Chavez, you will never be forgotten.

Jose "Andy" Chavez

Jose “Andy” Chavez



Ohio State Senator, Randy Gardner, presents Elmore Mayor Matt Damschroder079 a proclamation honoring the late Mayor Lowell Krumnow with a volunteer award given posthumously from the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation, at it’s Business & Industry awards held April 3, 2014.  The proclamation reads ” Thus, with sincere pleasure, we salute the memory of a truly outstanding individual, Lowell Krumnow.”  On behalf of the General Assembly of the state of Ohio, Ohio State Senate.




When Joe Harris decided to put up a cabin on the banks of Portage River he became the first white man to be a permanent resident of what was to become Elmore, Ohio. Most people would have thought it was a poor choice for a home because is was in the middle of the Great Black Swamp and home to many wolves and thousands of mosquitoes. But the location was great for easily crossing the Portage River because of the sloping banks on both sides. Later the railroad came through and for a while, Elmore was the largest community in Ottawa County.

Elmore Water Tower

Elmore Water Tower
Photo by Jacki Krumnow

In 2011 Elmore had a population just south of 1,500 residents with many attractions. We still live with strong memories of our past with an active historical society and many antique stores. We also look forward to our growing relationship with Schedel Gardens, one of the most beautiful arboretums in Ohio. The swamp has since been drained and now feature productive farm lands. The Woodmore School System (which is a combination of both Elmore and Woodville residents) has been rated “excellent” by the State of Ohio.

Elmore has maintained its small town atmosphere while being able to take advantage of our proximity to Toledo to have easy access to big town opportunities for jobs and entertainment.

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Important Town Phone Numbers

Emergencies: 911
Police: (419) 862-3980
Harris Township: (419) 862-3332
BOPA: (419) 862-3454
Fiscal Office: (419) 862-3362
Zoning: (419) 574-1589
Tax: (419) 862-3089
Library: (419) 862-2482
Post Office: (419) 862-3272
Woodmore HS: (419) 862-2721
Woodmore ES: (419) 862-1070