Shelter House & Community Center: Reservations may be made at the Board of
Public Affairs (BOPA) office. The Community Center is located at 410 Clinton St. in Elmore. (Residents: $50.00 Rental with $50.00 Deposit. Nonresidents: $90.00 Rental with $50.00 Deposit).
The Shelter House is located at Wells Park in Elmore. Free to reserve, must call in advance. Donations are accepted.

Utilities: Please click on the Board of Public Affairs link on the menu
for municipal utility services.

Voter Registration: Voter registration may be completed at
the Harris-Elmore Public Library or by following this link.

Elmore Post Office
Address: Corner of Rice St and Maple St
Phone: 419-862-2372

Harris Elmore Public Library
Address: 328 Toledo St
Phone: 4190862-2482

Woodmore Public Schools
Address: 633 Fremont St
Phone Number: 419-862-2721

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